If you ask me, MILOS is a hidden gem. It’s an escape from the crowds of the other well-travelled Cyclades. If you’re like us and try to avoid massive tour groups like the plague – then, this island is for you. It’s raw, authentic and definitely off the beaten path.


I know, I know – I just said I hate massive tour groups BUT this one is different -its personal and is one of the only ways to see the best spots in MILOS.  We decided to go with Oneiro Boat Tour after my friend raved about her experience with them. It’s more pricey than the other boat tours – but definitely worth the money. Elias, the captain, goes above and beyond to make your experience extra special. He plans his route to avoid the other boat tours and keeps his groups small. This makes for a much more authentic and intimate experience. You will see MILOS from a different view and get to visit the many beaches and caves that are only accessible through boat-  Kleftiko and Skyia. There will be plenty of swimming, eating, dancing and ouzo.


We stayed a little outside the small town of Adamas for the first two nights in an Airbnb called the Glarakia Studios. This was a very cute bed and breakfast – we loved the private balcony and the beautiful views.

We then drove across the Island and stayed at Giourgas Studios Apartments for the last two nights. The studio itself is nothing special, but the view is INSANE. While the studio is in the middle of nowhere, the view and serenity (and private beach) this place offers, makes it totally worth it.

Other cities to stay in are Plaka and Pollonia. Out of the two, I would recommend staying in Plaka (since the sunsets are on this side of the Island), and then going to the Giourgas Studios Apartments to get a feel for both sides of the island.


A very quaint and traditional place we fell in love with was OH HAMMOS. These people know how to pay attention to detail- from their hand written menus (literally, all of them are handwritten and not in just one but 4 languages!) to their own free postcards with their recipes on it. This was hands down the best greek salad I ate in all of Greece. We will be back OH HAMMOS, I promise.

We usually plan where we eat well in advance for all of our trips. (Hold on, let me correct myself, Dan usually plans were we eat well in advance for all of our trips). On day two in MILOS, we switched hotels and let’s say we didn’t have the smoothest day. We got lost on route to our hotel on our ATV and upon arriving to the hotel, we waited (greek time) for our receptionist to show up. To top this, we forgot to pack water and didn’t have a thing to eat since breakfast. SO, we hopped over to the closest restaurant and discovered a local gem – MUSE. Not only did it have fresh seafood….for cheap…it had the most breath taking view. The best greek yogurt was here.

We planned to go to MEDUSA, however, the stars did not align and we did not end up eating here. We did go visit Mandrakia village which is a small fishing village where MEDUSA is located. If seafood is not your thing –  make time and visit this fisherman village for the beautiful turquoise water. Tip: make reservations ahead of time as this place was hustlin’ and bustlin’ when we were there. We will definitely hit up MEDUSA when we go back to MILOS. 


SARAKINIKO– It’s also known as moon beach for very obvious reasons. My absolute favorite beach I have ever been too and I am not over-exaggerating. The greyish-white volcanic rock is stunning – and oddly not dusty. Tip: go early before the crowds.

KLEFTIKO– It’s only accessible by boat. Rock formations come out from the sea creating natural caves. The water here is crystal clear and you get to swim through all the cave formations – such an incredible experience.

SYKIA– It’s only accessible by boat. This was once an enclosed cave but the roof of the cave collapsed in the past. This created a hole at the top which allows you to see the sky when you enter the cave. There’s a small pebble area that you can relax on, or just swim in the turquoise water.


Get a car/ATV/Scooter. Just do it. Don’t cheap out. I’m telling you, you will thank me. The island is actually one of the larger ones in the Cyclades, and their buses are not always predictable/on time/will pick you up. There’s plenty of rental companies at the ADAMATOS port when you arrive by ferry.


January 3, 2018


Wow this looks so beautiful thank you for the tips! I will definitely need to make a stop in Milos when I get around to traveling Greece! Your photos are fabulous, brands could really benefit from you wearing their items!

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